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Mobile Device Management

“When a business-connected mobile device is lost, there is more than an 80 percent chance an attempt will be made to breach corporate data and/or networks.”
– The Symantec Smartphone Honey Stick Project

Are You At Risk For Mobile Data Loss?

One unprotected mobile device can cause catastrophic data loss.

The latest IT industry reports reveal smartphone sales continue to surpass PC sales and the trend is getting stronger. As increasing numbers of businesses embrace remote connectivity and its multiple benefits, employees are happy to adopt the “bring your own device to work” model or use company issued mobile devices to conduct day-to-day business.

The pros to this developing trend are many, including increased employee productivity and improved efficiencies resulting from immediate and remote access to company networks. The cons fall mostly on employers, required to manage the undeniable risks of data exposure if mobile devices are lost or stolen or when employees simply exercise poor judgment.

We can protect your network from the growing threat of mobile attack, with mobile device management (MDM). We safeguard your system by:

  • Enrolling all employee and company-owned mobile devices via SMS text, email, QR code, or URL
  • Configuring and applying corporate settings for Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPN, LDAP, and third party email
  • Configuring and enforcing security policies, including passcode complexity requirements, device auto-lock, and number of failed passcode attempts before a device wipe
  • Configuring and enforcing corporate policies, including restricting access to explicit media and the use of voice dialing or voice assistant apps
  • Instantly locking or wiping mobile devices in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen
  • Ensuring your IT networks remain secure against security breaches

Service Plans

Manage your employee and company-owned mobile devices, while protecting data integrity and controlling employee behaviour with the BaseX Solutions MDM Service Plan.

MDM Service Plan

For a low monthly, fee, We offer a complete mobile device management service plan which includes:

  • Compilation of all relevant data
  • Device security and services
  • Implementation of policies and procedures for management and control

Out of Plan Security Response

If you are not ready for the complete MDM Service Plan, we will still include the technology required to secure your mobile devices. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, we will attempt to locate the device, recover as much data as possible, and perform a remote wipe of any business and personal information for a one-time fee.

Contact us to secure your mobile devices today!

Mobile Security and Service – Not Spying

Mobile devices in the workplace are here to stay. From smartphones to tablets, this convenient technology brings added freedom while boosting productivity for employees. But it also creates a security risk. Usually, a tool like mobile device management (MDM) is used to protect confidential data, but there is a common misconception that MDM can be also be used for spying purposes. This is simply not the case. MDM protects confidential information from thieves and hackers, nothing else.

Whether your embrace a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model or provide mobile devices to employees, it is absolutely critical to safeguard your IT infrastructure against security breaches, while protecting the confidential information that can be accessed if a mobile device is lost or stolen. Our MDM software is designed only to service and secure your mobile devices. There is no spying, period.

MDM Myths Debunked

  • We configure access to a corporate Exchange email or a personal IMAP/POP email account.
  • We cannot view, track, capture or store emails or other messages sent from configured accounts.
  • We configure VPN network and Wi-Fi settings.
  • We cannot view or monitor websites visited or other online activity.
  • We enable corporate directory search for a contact or email address when composing emails.
  • We cannot view or access contact information stored on the mobile device.
  • We set passcode requirements, including passcode length, character requirements and maximum passcode age.
  • We are only able to perform a reset in the event a user forgets their passcode. The passcode cannot be viewed by technicians.
  • We specify the number of times a passcode can be entered incorrectly before all data on the device is erased.
  • We are only able perform a remote wipe in the event someone other than the user attempts to access the device. We cannot see who is trying to gain access.
  • We perform geographic location lookups.
  • We will attempt to pinpoint the physical location of a mobile device on a geographic map only when a device is reported lost or stolen by the device owner.
  • We perform a complete wipe in the event of a lost or stolen mobile device.
  • We will only perform this action when a loss or theft is reported by the owner of the device.
  • We perform selective wipes of mobile devices.
  • In the event an employee leaves the company, we will remove any policies and configurations that were deployed to the device when it was under management, keeping personal information intact.
  • When company policy requires, the MDM software can restrict access to app stores, explicit media, use of the web browser and websites such as YouTube. It can also restrict screen capture, voice dialing, voice assistants, and cameras.
  • We will only activate these restrictions when company policy dictates or when regulatory requirements exist.

When we deploy MDM, our goals are twofold:

  1. Secure and protect the sensitive company information stored on employee owned and corporate mobile devices
  2. Maintain the overall integrity of your IT system by putting the necessary policies and configurations in place to prevent or eliminate security breaches.

Your employees have nothing to fear when installing MDM software on their mobile devices and are welcome to contact us if they would like any additional information about the services provided or the capabilities of the software.