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BaseX Solutions Managed Hosting is an all-inclusive custom cloud based service, providing infrastructure on both hosted and client sites. BaseX owns and is fully responsible for both the host and client.

Key Benefits of BaseX Managed Hosting Service Plans

Managed Hosting Service Plans are maintenance-free, which allows you to spend your time on your business, not on the technology behind it. Our managed hosting services are based on the performance, flexibility, and support required by your business-critical applications. BaseX does not sell servers, storage, or bandwidth. We  offer a complete worry-free service plan in a hosted environment providing the flexibility, applications, and support you need.

Flexibility – We understand that your requirements will be unique and that pre-packaged options normally don’t work. Our end-to-end services cover everything you’ll need on the host side plus the infrastructure you’ll want on the client side.

Cloud-based business applications – Exchange, ERP, WMS (warehouse managing systems).

Support – We operate as an extension of your company’s internal support organization, managing servers and other network infrastructure along with day to day IT services.

Client Site

  • Infrastructure, including firewalls, switches
  • Tools, including business anti-virus server, proactive management server

Host Site

  • Infrastructure, including data center, network, devices, firewalls, storage
  • Applications, including Exchange-mailbox, remote desktop, ADS, file, print
  • Tools, including business anti-virus,  proactive management


Meeting Your Anywhere Access Needs

With MyFiles, you have lightning quick access to your data anywhere anytime. BXSi maintains super efficient data exchange through innovations in:

  •  Remote access
  • Sync On Demand
  • Mapped drives
  • Mobile device support

MyFiles combines the control of traditional file servers with the convenience of the cloud.

Who should be using remote access? Everyone! Here’s why:

  • You can access your data anywhere. Just log in with your existing credentials and automatically utilize existing security.
  • You can access your data offline. You can mark any file or folder to make it available offline.
  • You can access your file server remotely. And you don’t need a VPN.
  • You can configure your file server as cloud storage. Keep your data on the premises.


• Antivirus Integration: Protect endpoints from viruses using third party AV.
• Auditing: Track the who, what, when and where of operations, as required by common compliance standards like HIPAA, FINRA, SOX and PCI.
• Group Policy Controls: Monitor and control system and user activities (shared folder policies, password policies, access policies, etc…)
• AES-256 Encryption: Protects data at rest.
• SSL Connections: Protects data in transit.
• Multi-Factor Authentication: Multiple factors can be used to authenticate users. (e.g. Mobile devices can be used to create tokens that are combined with a username and password.)

Collaboration Challenges

Your workforce and guest users are constantly
searching for easier ways to collaborate.
Traditionally, this was often done by placing files
on a file server where they can be accessed by
members of your workforce. The problem, of
course, is that while that may work well for internal
collaboration, how can your workers effectively
collaborate with a supplier or customer