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Integrated CCTV Systems and Service

Whether you’re tasked with day-to-day operations or choosing a system that meets your demands, BXSi has a successful history of providing end-to-end solutions for the unique requirements of facility security. Featuring a large selection of cameras, including vandal-resistant and low-light as well user-friendly video management systems, BXSi understands the unique challenges and offers the technologies to address them.

BXSi works with both analog and IP based systems including Fixed, PTZ, Specialty and Panoramic  cameras to video management solutions, BXSi is committed to providing innovative, superior-quality products and installation that help businesses of any kind meet their security and surveillance needs.

We can also create a custom integration to meet your needs. We currently have a custom integration for a POS system LS Retail (Ls One) that allows network based POS transnational data to be streamed directly into a POS capable DVR without the need of an additional receipt capturing hardware. This data stream in searchable on the DVR itself. Since no additional hardware is required it drastically lowers the cost of ownership.

A properly installed and maintained CCTV video surveillance system can provide peace of mind that should an incident happen in your business or commercial property it will be captured, while simultaneously acting as a deterrent against theft and fraud.

BXSi will perform a no-cost, no obligation site visit to assess your current situation, and help provide direction for a properly installed CCTV system. We will work with you to design a commercial CCTV video surveillance system that fits the needs and scope of your building to provide surveillance as required.

Door Entry Systems

Create a safe environment for your employees and customers by securing all buildings, campuses, and parking structures with one of our versatile intercom systems. In addition to entry security, BXSi installed intercoms can provide internal communication and paging notifications where desired.